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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Writing Tip # 3

These writing tips are coming to you in no particular order of importance, in case you were wondering at the random and disordered nature in which I am presenting them.

Today's tip takes us back to the fundamental groundwork behind the story.

When we embark on the journey that will bring a good story to life, no matter how long or short it will be, we first need to ask ourselves a few questions. The "5 Ws and an H."

Who is the story about?

What will happen to him/her/them?

When will it happen?

Where will it happen?

Why will it/does it happen?

How will it happen?
How will it be resolved?

I once read (I don't remember where) that when you write a story you must put a man in a tree and then, somehow, get him down again. The story must revolve around a crisis (physical, emotional or psychological) and its resolution. And the character/s should develop or change in someway through the crisis.

These questions are the skeletal framework of your story; the way you answer them will put flesh on the bones.

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