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My Work

YA Steampunk Fantasy
Status: First Draft Phase / Work in Progress
On her sixteenth birthday Mercy discovers there is far more to her eccentric family than she ever imagined. Her Father isn't just a mad scientist, he is a secret agent. In fact her whole family is in on the game and now they expect her to join the team. Then on the eve of Mercy's first mission, her father is attacked in his lab and the mysterious Gizmo he has been working on is stolen. Now Mercy and her siblings must do everything they can to get it back before the people of England start to die.

YA Fantasy
Status: In Editing Phase
Princess Tremorgan flees her home after witnessing the brutal slaying of her Father, the King of Agoria. Her father's murderer, Lord Drostan, wants the crown for himself and he'll do anything to keep it. Pursued by Drostan's henchmen, the 'Silver Snakes', she sets out on a desperate quest to find her brother.

Dubbed Agoria's Healer and Restorer by the meliai and centaur clans, she's aided by a paladin bodyguard, a mage and a telepathic shape shifter. However tensions rise and threaten to split the group when she falls in love. 

Tremorgan is forced to confront her fear and her destiny as the Keeper of the Stone of Remembrance; a piece of God's heart. She must learn to wield the power entrusted to her and vanquish Drostan. Her brother's life and the future of the kingdom hang on her decisions.

Children's Folktale
Status: Accepted for publishing as illustrated E-book. 
Audio Book coming soon.
The land is beset by terrible dragons. The King seeks a hero, but the noble men tremble with fear and none will take up the quest. So it is Prudence, a young maid servant, armed only with her courage and a set of ancient armor, who goes to vanquish the dragons and free the land from their curse.