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Friday, November 29, 2013

There and Back Again


It has been a very long time since I last blogged at the Dragon's Pen. Much too long in fact.

Life interfered and the writing was forced to take a back seat to family and work; though I continued to be busy with the Dunedin Writer's Workshop and my critique group.

And while I might not have been putting pen to paper or fingers to the computer keys, I continued to read mountains of other people's books, fell in love with a host of authors I'd never read before, and learnt much about writing. I hope to share some of these pearls with you in the very near future.

Early this year I moved from Dunedin and took up residence with my family in Windy Wellington, our fair country's quaint capital (see pic above). It takes time to settle in a new place. New city. New schools. New church. New job. New connections....

I found a job I enjoy. And I am following my long held dream of being a volunteer medic. But most importantly, after almost a year, I have found the inspiration and time to start writing again. But more on that later!

It is fabulous to be back.

I look forward to catching up and sharing more of the highs and lows of following the writer's dream.

Much love