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Monday, June 28, 2010

How's it going over there?

I'm still editing!

I've been picking away at my MS and I'm making slow but steady progress.

I think I've finally managed to get over my frustration at how long the editing process takes. Now I'm simply trying to knuckle down, do it and enjoy the journey.

I've discovered I still have the odd small scene that needs to go in around page 120, to help the flow of the story and flesh out some of the characters that get introduced at this point. But I'm okay with that - now that I've got my head around how those scenes should look.

Today was my first day off work, after a three day straight stint, since I was admitted to hospital. It really did me in. I'm pretty worn out and a little uncomfortable.

So I gave myself permission to take it easy today. I sent my kids off to school and went back to bed for the rest of the morning!! Terribly lazy, I know, but I'm feeling much better for the rest.

This afternoon I curled up on the couch with a copy of the first half of my friend's manuscript. I promised her I'd read it though completely before I attack it with my red pen - I do love a good paper and pen edit! So other than the odd note here and there, I've keep my word.

I finished reading it just before I had to get up to make tea and will begin red-pen edits on it tomorrow. It is a great read. The story is strong and flows well and had me in tears a few times, which is a good thing. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it when she has finished part two.

So how's it going in your neck of the woods? Where are you at with your WIP?


  1. Glad you're getting better! You know where I'm at with my MS - you're ripping it apart for me ;) I just wanted to say that there's a blogging award waiting for you on my site: http://bit.ly/bHwMIu gotta scroll down a bit to find it :D

  2. You know how I'm going with my WIP - hehe!

    I'm looking forward to getting your book in my hands so I can wield the red pen.

    Are you really reading Drums of Autumn, coz it's the 4th book. Dragonfly in Amber is the 2nd.

  3. Whoops, thanks JK. Actually I haven't started it yet. Just as well I have them both on my shelf!

  4. Thanks for the award WritersBlock! That's awesome!