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Monday, January 3, 2011


Another year has rolled to a close and another opens up before us full of promise and potential.

Looking back over 2010 I think I'm fairly happy with what I achieved last year. I finished the first draft of Tremorgan's Gift the first book in my fantasy trilogy. I had hoped to have it ready for an agent or publisher by the end of the year but, as I'm discovering, these things take much longer than one tends gives them credit for.

I also started writing Tremorgan's Quest and have been picking away at what I affectionately call The Lore of El, the Agorian religious writings and histories (which some unkind folks might call myths and legends).

I won a trophy for one of my fantasy short stories, which was a total buzz.

I never completed NaNo, but that's something to have a crack at again this year, and in spite of not finishing I have an awesome idea for a Steampunk novel and the first 6000 words already written.

I've also managed to read my way through an veritable mountain of books. Looking back on my reading record for 2010 I've averaged about 7 books a month!

So, all in all I'd say that's not too bad a result.

Enough about 2010, what are my writing related hopes and dreams for 2011?

#1 Rewrite Tremorgan's Gift in First Person POV and edit to perfection

#1.1 Find an agent!

#1.2 Find a publisher!!!

#2 Write first draft of Tremorgan's Quest

#3 Chip away at Mercy Me, maybe finish it for NaNaWriMo in November

#4 Win another trophy :)

#5 Try to get a short story or two published in a magazine or e-zine

#6 Read! Read! Read! Read!

That's me.

What are your writing goals for this coming year? What do you dream of achieving?

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  1. Considering what else happened last year you achieved some marvelous things. Well done.

    I'll hold you to your plans for this year! Although I'll be after that trophy too!

    BTW. The Lore of El sounds really fascinating. Looking forward to hearing/reading more about this.