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Monday, August 15, 2011

Observation and Translation

Today's observation:

Sometimes getting the images out of my head and on to the paper is REALLY hard.

I can see the characters and the scenes so clearly in my imagination but translating them into words is no easy task.

I'm writing a kind of fantasy I never imagined I'd pen, a genre I never thought to dabble in, and it ain't easy.

Can't say more now. I have to keep my cards close to my chest. This is for a competition after all. But, boy oh boy, the sweat and tears I'm shedding over every single word!


  1. The great part is that every drop of sweat and every tear shed are palpable to the readers. Writers in agony are the well from which greatness flows : )

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Michael. I plan to try to sweat a few more words today.