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Friday, December 11, 2009

Longer and Longer

I hit 45,000 words today. It has taken me a few days to add the further 5,000.

But with it has come a realisation.

This novel is going to be longer, I think, that the 70,000 words I planned.

For the last few days every time I sat down to write I thought, okay, today I'm going to write the scene where my heroes and heroines escape the Silver Snakes at The Crossing. But every day something else has come flowing out instead.

I love when things just reveal themselves as you write, leaving you going: "Oh, yeah, that's cool. I like that. That explains..."

It isn't that the scene I planned isn't going to happen, it's just that it seems to be taking (chapters) longer than I anticipated. I don't think this is a bad thing.

A lot of important stuff is coming out: information about the characters, their abilities and their relationships to each other. All of it helps to build a bigger, bolder, deeper and more holistic story. (That's what I tell myself anyway.)

I have finally begun The Crossing chapter, so we're there now, finally. Almost a week later than I thought, but we're on the verge none-the-less.

Suspense, terror and surprise here I come!

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