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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Writer's Retreat

It's true I haven't blogged in a while. Why? Well, to be honest I didn't really have anything interesting to say and I've been busy WRITING.

As I sit here typing this it's Sunday night. This afternoon I returned from a delightful and insanely productive weekend away with my writing buddy. We took the weekend out to escape the 'real world' and indulge in a writer's retreat.

We packed up and left home about 10am on Friday, drove to a little cottage by the sea, settled in and got straight to work. No interruptions (apart from calls of nature), unlimited coffee and great company. Bliss!

What did I achieve?

I wrote 8,500 words this weekend.

No kidding! You did read that right. Eight thousand, five hundred words.

Moreover, we hashed out the ending of my WIP and I now know how it's going to come together. I knew the ending in general terms - they get to the fortress and rescue the prince - but I really had no definite details as to HOW of earth they were going to pull it off.

So now that's sorted (no spoilers) and I know what I'm doing. Trust me it'll be Awesome!

I'm ecstatic about my progress. The end is well and truly in sight. I should finish up the draft at the end of this week. Squeeee!

As you can see I'm a total fan of the writer's retreat. Get away and write (Pen's orders)!


  1. It really was the best, wasn't it? We will definitely have to do it again really really soon. When we are both working on our book twos!

  2. omg! that sounds AMAZING! please invite me next time, I'll be good, I'll bring banana muffins, I'll do the dishes :)

  3. T'was awesome!!

    You can come only if the banana muffins have chocolate in them too. :)