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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Advice for those about to Embark on the Ship Publication

Are you about to embark of the Ship Publication?
Are you planning ahead for just such a journey?

If so, what do you need to do? That tips and tricks do you need to pack in your travel trunk?

The lovely Randy Susan Meyers on her blog Word Love has wonderfully insightful advice about what to do once your novel has been accepted for publication.

Do check it out!!! Now!

She suggests:

1) Making friends in the writing world.
Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Online networking through blogs are all great examples of how you can do this.

2) Making a mailing list.
This includes anyone you ever met. I'd also include national and local media in this list.

3) Getting a make over.
Seriously. If you have been sitting at your laptop for two years in your pjs, eating little except chocolate and drinking coffee, then a visit to a hair stylist, a new outfit and a bit of makeup probably can't hurt. :D


  1. Great advice, but can I get a haircut and new clothes before I get published?

  2. Nope, absolutely not! LOL!

    Personally I'd start (have started) working towards these things now, rather than wait until the book is coming off the press.

    Go for it. Can't wait to see the new look! ;)