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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picograph: Look! Look!

You may, or may not, have noticed that I now have a nice picograph in my side bar. That's the thing telling you my progress on my YA MS. Look! 28% done!

I have been enviously eying these little gems on other authors blogs for a while now, but it wasn't until I happened to stumble upon Andrea's blog (a fellow NZ writer) and her generous link pointing me in the right direction, that I found these little beauties.

Now I'm passing it on. You can find info on how to embed your own picograph here.

I should admit that this way my first time fiddling with html code and though the instructions were easy to follow I did need a little help from my very patient husband to untangle the exact way to present the code. Oh, and if you are a blogspot blogger like me, you'll need the html/Java script gadget.

Happy picographing everyone!


  1. I saw your comment on Susan Adrian's blog, and I had to check out your blog since your kindness to newbies was apparent. Thanks for the tip. I always need a little HTML help from my techie hubbie, too.

  2. Welcome L.W.and thanks for the kind words.