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Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Drafts and Self Editing

In his latest blog post agent Nathan Bransford suggests we go visit the blog of author Natalie Whipple to read her latest offering "Tips for First Drafting." So, like the good little girl I am, I went and had a read. Gotta say I love her blog. (You can now find a link to it in my blog roll.) And I am going to echo Nathan's cry: Go check it out!!!

On a related note, for some light hearted self-editing revelations you can go here, where author Stephanie Perkins shares some of her wisdom with us lucky ducks. Don't let her chatter about her celebrity boyfriends put you off, she does get to the point eventually. :D

Read and enjoy ... and keep writing.


  1. I looked up both these sites and found them very helpful, esp. the Natalie Whipple site. Cute photos too. Love James MacAvoy in that hat!! I can't wait to get back to finishing my first draft. Had a day off today, but back into it tomorrow.Keep up with finding all these wonderful ideas helps.

  2. That link to Natalie's blog post was very helpful--thank you! :)

  3. Prowling in for a visit...Dunedin is a place I think I could live in, especially in summer. It is too hot for a fur coat in my part of the world!

  4. Hi Cat, welcome! Thanks for prowling. I agree, Aussie is much to hot for a fur coat, us dragons like it nice and mild and Dunedin is just right.