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Friday, October 9, 2009

Missing Muse

This little gem was part of an email sent to me by a friend struggling with his inability to find his muse. I thought it was so delightful I asked his permission to share it with you all. After all we have all been there at some point or an other. Read and enjoy.

Wanted, Muse.
Last seen a year ago, scurrying under the sofa with the bleeding heart of this writer clutched in hand. Warning: May be armed with a poison pen, a cutting remark or swinging its trademark weapon: a busted computer keyboard dented by the heads of a thousand writers. Also prone to invisibility when approached directly. Unlike
what is depicted in popular media, Muses do not become visible again through the use of psychedelic drugs, prodigious amounts of imbibed liquor or by squinting your eyes at the ceiling. Also do not try to capture after midnight. While Muses don’t follow regular hours, you should if you intend to follow in their footsteps. Will only appear to the sound of a scratching pen or the clacking of typewriter keys.
- Muse Hunter Extraordinaire


  1. Didn't think of advertising for one!

    Well, perhaps an extra cup of tea set out while one is writing will lure the Muse to one's side.


  2. The extent one will go to to recapture a muse.
    Desperate writers will try anything, at least once.


  3. Mine need frequent trips to Cornwall and shopping of course!

    Really enjoyed the post.

  4. Think chocolate and a nice mocca which extra chocolate should do it.