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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Just in case you're interested. I've updated my profile so you can see a little bit more about me. You might not be interested - that's okay too. :D

On another note...
Ages ago, well, it was a few blogs ago anyway, I mentioned that the results of the Katherine Mansfield Competition were to be released on the 1st of October. Well, the 1st has been and gone and since I haven't been screaming excitedly from the roof tops as you have probably guessed I didn't hear a thing. Nope. Not a peep. Still it was fun to give it a go. My story probably wasn't literary enough for the judges tastes. Never mind. Ten grand would have been nice though.
(My son was guttered that I didn't win. I told him I'd buy him a Nintendo Wii if I won. Alas, no win; no Wii. It's tough at the top.)

The story I submitted was set in WW2 and titled White Feather. I might expand it into a novelette or short novel one of these days.

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