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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paragraph Challenge

For those of you who like writing competitions, Nathan Bransford is hosting a fun paragraph competition over at his blog.


Write the best paragraph of your life and be into win!


  1. D'oh. The competition closed just when as I'd finished writing my entry.
    [Shaking my fist, and collapsing to my knees.]

    Muse, why do you hate me?
    [Pathetic sobbing continues for quite some time. Weak. I'd look away if I was you.]

    - Chris Green

  2. Welcome to the Dragon's Pen Chris. You took your time finding your way here. Did you get lost or were you too busy looking for that evasive muse of yours?

  3. At heart I'm a lurker. One of those mysterious denizens of the internets that only pokes his head out when exposed to loud noises or cudgels to the backside. And the muse hunt continues. If this goes on much longer I'm going back to hunting snarks. They're much more visible game.
    - Chris Green

  4. Don't give up. It is hiding out there some where.