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Sunday, October 25, 2009

YA update

Since writing yesterday that I haven't been writing much since I started the new job, I am pleased to say I am back into it once more and my YA MS is now a healthy 15,000 wds. It is coming along well I think.

I know technically it means nothing to have members of your family tell you your work has merit, but yesterday I persuaded my ds (dear son) to read the first chapters. He is very particular about what he reads. He loves fantasy, but usually won't touch something with a heroine protagonist - lets face it he'd rather read a boys book. What boy wouldn't?

He read the first five chapters and told me, with a shy smile on his face, that it was very good. Now, this is VERY high praise coming from my ds. :D I was so thrilled he liked it I gave him a hug - which made him blush.
But then he said, "What if I said it was really, really good?"
I grinned even wider.
"What if I said it was excellent?"
I said, close to leaping off the chair in excitement, "Do you really think so?"
He grinned back a me. "Yup. It's really excellent. Can I read some more of it tomorrow?" Laughing I pushed him away and said, "You better get to bed and let me write some more then!"

So I am thrilled!

Hopefully I can keep him on the edge of his seat until the end and his enthusiasm will help me maintain my momentum.

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