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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finding NaNo Inspiration

I had hoped to get back into blogging a bit more quickly than I have done. However life has conspired against me and this illness has knocked me far more than I had anticipated. I haven't had much chance to do any reading or writing since getting out of hospital. To be honest I'm struggling just to get through each day.

I had hoped with NaNo just days away that I'd be a lot more organised and plot prepared than I am. As it stands though I have the first 5 or 6 chapters pretty clearly in my head, after that things degenerate into pretty misty details. Ah, the joys of writing...

A couple of my Mad Scribbler friends have decided to join me in my crazed leap into NaNo this year - a first for all of us - and I'm really excited to have them along for the ride. One of them, JT Webster, has plotted out each and every scene she plans to write! I must admit when faced with my plot-haze I'm just a little jealous of her.

On the plus side I've been having a lot of fun trolling through Google images looking for inspiration. Victorian fashion. Steampunk gadgets. Gothic architecture. All these things and more are teasing my imagination and giving my muse fits of excitement. Here are a few of the pictures that inspired me today.

I'm dreaming up amazing gadgets for my steampunk-come-secret agent characters to play with and weird and wonderful creations for the Professor to invent. In the gothic-steampunk world of Evamere just about anything could be possible.


  1. Great post.
    I'm so looking forward to reading this novel when it's finished.

  2. Just had to add that I don't have every scene plotted out, just a note of every event, which could take 2 to 3 chapters. See, you don't need to be jealous at all!