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Monday, October 11, 2010

Trilogy ... Smilogy

I'm discovering that writing a trilogy is an entirely different beastie.

The second book has to continue the first story, while also being a separate story in it's own right. It must be true to the characters and continue to challenge and grow them. The world and culture must continue develop, containing intrigue and interesting surprises without giving away too much. After all, there still has to be something worth revealing in book three. I can't spend all my pennies at once, as it were.

All of this must be kept in mind as I try to knit together the story of book two.

The challenge I'm facing right now is to take the over arching outline and under this umbrella create three other arches, representing the three linked but distinctive stories.

Book one is done(-ish). Book two is plotted out. Book three, on the other hand, is for the most part a dark void of possibilities.

I now have enough plot points or stepping stones to actually begin writing book two. These scenes are brewing in my Agorian dreamscape, taking shape into something worthy of the book. Now to tap them into existence...

And Here is the rub!

I have the second book hovering there, waiting. But I can't quite bring myself to open a new page a start typing. Hence all the blogging I've been doing lately.

Perhaps I'm afraid the words won't live up to my expectations. Perhaps it's that I worry it won't be as good as the first book. I heart book one. Will I heart book two as well? Perhaps ...

Oh, I don't know!

Is this something like the pre-marriage jitters? Am I ready to commit? Is it really going to be as awesome as I'm hoping or will my dreams be dashed? Can I trust my muse to keep the inspiration coming? Am I going mad?

Is this dithering typical when writing a trilogy?

Does everyone get "the next book jitters"?

(Trilogy ... smilogy ... wilogy) Yep. I'm mad! Stark and Raving.

That explains everything ... I've gone and lost my marbles.


  1. Hope you've found your marbles by now and typed that first word. :)

  2. Nope ... they're still lost and I still haven't typed that first evasive word :(

  3. Hope you get going soon and enjoy the ride!

  4. I found my marbles, they'd been put out to the wash by mistake ... :P

    Tomorrow: I plan to glue my butt to the chair and start! I've said I will. Now you can hold me to it.

  5. Glad you found your marbles.

    I'm in awe of anyone who can plan out three books. I can barely do one! Massive kudos to you.

  6. Dithering is not only typical, I reckon its a normal part of the process. Don't worry - When the time is right you won't be able to stop yourself writing all over the place.

    from one who has been there and come out the other side :-)