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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chocolate Earning Milestones

Tonight is a night for rejoicing!

I have reached a Chocolate Milestone. That is a writing milestone which entitles me to gorge myself on my favourite indulgence, CHOCOLATE.

Tonight I cracked the 50,000 word mark on Tremorgan's Quest, my YA fantasy.

Yes, my picograph is reading 70% complete.

This is cause for a hearty celebration of the chocolate variety.

Celebrate with me - enjoy a little chocolatey indulgence.



  1. Well done you! I look forward to sharing some of this chocolatey experience with you. It might be several weeks before I reach my chocolate goal. Book 1 complete. When the kids (and hubby) go back to school.

  2. I think we should still celebrate your achievement when it rolls around. Finishing a novel is nothing to be sneezed at after all.

    Oh YUM! I can't wait.