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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Point of View and What to Do?

Whose point of view is best?

Do you struggle to decide what will be the best POV in which to write any given story you are writing? Do you ever read your MS and wonder if the POV is quite right?

Way back in The Dragon's Pen's earliest days (last year) I wrote a post on POV. If you haven't read it you can see it here.

Yesterday at the blog Writer Unboxed, Sophie addressed the issue of POV from an other angle entirely. While I looked at what the different POVs are, Sophie looked at what they can do for our writing.

Sophie shows us how thinking about the story we want to write can point us to the POV that will best support that particular story.

She asks about the personality of your main character, the genre of your story, the atmosphere you are seeking to create and shows how the POV you use can make all the difference.

She has some real gems to share so check it out. Read it here.

Additional Note:
Nicola Morgan over at Help! I need a Publisher has just written a timely post about POV so for more info follow the link. And another one here.


  1. I like third person. Mostly because when writing first person I feel "weird" lol and I think the character ends up sounding too much like me. Also, I like that I can jump to different characters if I want to.

  2. I too find 1st person a strange writing experience, though it does make for fun short stories.

    I usually write in 3rd person but a limited point of view, as in I usually only follow one persons story rather than a those of a few characters.

    It is fun to dabble and try different things.

    The one I hate to write (and read) is 2nd person "YOU". It just feels so very weird.

  3. Enjoyed this post and also what Sophie had to say. It was very encouraging to see what sort of stories suit which POV. I am writing from 3rd person omniscient and that is perfect for my book which is large and sweeping with lots of character. I haven't written in any other POV as yet, but like you Ruth I struggle with the 2nd person.