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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ego Boost

Some of you might remember that last year my friend Sue and I wrote a play which was chosen and performed by a small group of women here in Dunedin, to a crowd of around 50 or 60.

The whole experience was great fun. Neither of us had ever written a play before so to see our witty little creation go from imagination to performance was an amazing learning curve.

Well, I got a phone call this morning asking if we would write another play for them this year!
They said they so enjoyed watching and performing Roman Runaway they wanted us to write another.

What an ego boost!

I got of the phone buzzing with excitement, hastily phoned Sue who was as excited as me, and we're all go!

Last year's theme was travel. This year's theme is history, libraries and archives. Eeek! I think we're going to lean heavily towards the history side of things.

The play will be performed in September.