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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Mega Muse Buzz

Don't you just love it when you a write a scene and it is just sooo Amazing?!

I'm talking about the experience of writing something so magical you just want to shout and leap about and tell everyone about it while wildly waving your hands in the air.

Only, for some reason, it never really comes out as well when you try to articulate it like that. Usually people start edging towards the door and looking at you as if you ought to be locked up, in a padded cell no less.

You can tell I'm buzzing can't you?

I came home from work last night, tired, but determined to hammer out a few words. And it all spewed out. All this terror, awesome fights, creepy as bad guys, and POWER ... so much power it literally blew the place apart.

And when I tried, much too excitedly, to tell hubby about it, he asked, "And at the end does the bad guy say 'The force is strong with this one'?"

Yes, I'm still buzzing (in spite of hubby's comment).

Isn't this what why we write? For the love of the words and the thrill of seeing them create magic on the page.

- Contented writerly sigh -

So, have you had a similarly thrilling writing experience?
Have you ever written anything you knew was just amazing?

Quote of the day:
"Don't blame me. My characters have minds of their own."

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