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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back into it!

Yep, the new NZ school year is back in full swing and my children have joined the hords marching off to fill local classrooms. Of course all this means I'm desperately excited about the the freedom I now have to WRITE.

Sure I did write a little over the holidays, but I found it really hard to focus with the kids around. It was like I'd lost my stride ... or I was trying to run a marathon blind folded. Argh!

So today was the big day.
Kids gone...
House quiet...

But then there was the "Welcome back to school" morning tea that our school held for the families. Being a good sort of Mum (most of the time) I had to attend. So by the time I walked home from that it was almost 11am. My morning sucked away, just like that.

Then I really had to hang out some washing cause the weather was so good and there were a few dishes that needed to be done ... and then I had to phone Sue cause I hadn't talked to her for at least two days. Then it was time for lunch.

But, I did promise my writing-buddy I'd write something today so after lunch I forced my procrastinating-self into submission and sat down at my desk.

I didn't work on my MS. Instead I chipped away at a short story (childrens) I'm working on for a local competition and dug out an old story to revamp and redress it for another competition coming up in March. I've renamed it, hacked 2000 words off it and smoothed it into a new shape. So, I think I've made some progress.

I'll get back into Tremorgan's Gift tomorrow.

It's great to really be back behind the desk again.

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