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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Two

By the end of yesterday I'd made a fairly good dent in my NaNo word count, chalking up a neat 2700 words.

Today has been a bit slower thus far. I sent a bit of time pottering around home and on the phone making health related calls and I had to pop out to the chemist and pick up some more medication, so all in all it didn't make for a terribly productive morning. I did manage to write 1000 words before I crawled off to bed for a nap, totally exhausted.

I plan to have another crack at the story again tonight. The more I can write before going away to my sister-in-laws wedding the better as I'm going to lose at least four days of NaNo writing time.

Still. Over all the word count is healthy.

Part of the fun of writing are the unexpected things that happen when words are pouring on to the page.

One interesting such thing has come out of today's writing. Something totally unexpected! Something I'm going to have to work into the plot arch and use to create strife and complications.

It turns out that Mercy, my MC, has light fingers. Yes. She is a bit of the thief with a weakness for shiny things. She just seems to collect them without really thinking about what she is taking or why.

I've never had a main character with a tendency to do stuff like this so I'm looking forward to playing about with this weakness.


  1. I think you've done jolly well just getting down a 1000 words. 'Something totally unexpected' - I love that whole notion.

  2. Made it over 1500 words before midnight, but too tired to try to jot out another 100. Sad isn't it? Still we are over the 4000 mark now. Can't complain too much.