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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Too many days!

I haven't been writing. I continue to be a bad, bad girl.

I have failed NaNo. Not that the month is over yet but reality bites. I know I'm not going to get much - if anything more of Mercy Me written this month.

The count down to our "must be out of this house" date is creeping steadily closer and we are still looking for a new place to live. In the mean time I'm busy with work, I've picked up an extra shift, and packing all our many belongings into boxes. We have more boxes of books than anything else and they tower precariously along the walls. The house now has that odd echoy feeling when I'm home alone.

So with all the work and packing and house hunting and everyday housework there hasn't really been time to write or space in my head for stories to grow. Stress is a serious creativity killer!

Still, in a matter of weeks it'll all be over. We'll have moved and resettled. Some measure of normalicy will return (one hopes) and our creative juices will start flowing again. Perhaps then the Muse will crawl out of the box he's hiding in and agree to go back to work.

For all of you out there who are still plodding through NaNo, all the best! I'm rooting for you!


  1. I sympathise on both scores, stress is exactly as you say... and we dread the day that might mean we have to move from the decrepit but cheap house we have called home for the last 7(?is it really that long?) years. All the best.

  2. Thanks Gedle, and welcome to the Dragon's Pen.