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Monday, November 8, 2010

Day Eight: I'm back ... and bad

I'm back from my trip away to Auckland. A little red faced - my first sunburn of the year.

We had a totally incredible time with family and friends, many of whom we haven't seen for around 10 years. The wedding was beautiful. Awesome and busy times were had by all as we tried to cram in as many moments together as we could in to a few short days.

I didn't have time to even think about NaNo. I did take a notebook with me but it never got to see the light of day.
I'm tired but still buzzing from the trip. I'm back to work this afternoon for the first time since I was in hospital a few weeks ago, so today will be yet another that I fail to clock in a NaNo word count.

Life is unpredictable. The house we're renting has been on the market for about seven or eight months. Last Monday we were told it has finally been sold. Why did it have to be this month? NaNo month?

So now my head is full of moving related scenarios, issues and contingency plans. It could not be any less focussed on NaNo.

I shrug my shoulders. What can ya do?

If we don't make it we don't make it. Never mind. We'll play again next year.


  1. At least you still came up with a totally awesome story. Josiah is hanging out for it. He's convinced its the next big block buster, so that should spur you along :)

  2. Welcome back. I'm sure your focus will return and you'll be off again. :)

  3. You've been having as much success as me! I love the idea of a Steampunk novel!