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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yes, I'm relaxing. I haven't written a word since I finished editing my MS. Instead I've given myself permission to chill and just let book number two brew quietly on the back burner.

I'm enjoying the break and spending time curled up with a good book. The muse is kicking in again and the daydreams have begun. As weird as it may sound, dreams are a really important step in my writing process. Dreaming helps me mold and build the scenes in my head, like mini movies, before I commit them to the computer screen. Dreams are fluid, unsubstantial things and the perfect set scape for the characters of my story to guide and show me their stories.

The feed back I'm getting from my beta readers about Tremorgan's Gift is good thus far. Sure there are things that need to be tweaked, but the story is solid and compelling, apparently. Which is awesome news! One of my beta readers is a 17 year old male and the fact that he loved it, in spite of the MC being a girl, is really, really, really encouraging. So I'm buzzing and can't wait to get the critiques back and make the necessary changes.


  1. Enjoy the dream time! I just love the picture, it is soooo Tremorgan.

  2. Glad to hear you're buzzing. Feedback is so important. Enjoy your brewing time.

  3. Enjoy chilling out - recharge those batteries, ready for the next onslaught...

  4. I'm almost ready to relax myself! After I'm through with my synopsis I'm going to let my new plot brew a while and catch up on some yummy reading.

  5. It has been amazing to NOT be writing. I told the family the other day that I HATE being a writer. The husband and eldest were stunned. The youngest couldn't give a sh***. But don't you love being an author, they asked.

    No. Why would I? I have sore wrists and sore arms and a sore head and I can't get my feckin characters to do what they have to do and I have a contract....

    'Yeah but Mum,' drawls youngest. 'You get off on being a famous author.'

    'Really?' I respond. 'How am I famous?'
    Cue puzzeled expressions.

    Hence the small joy of satisfaction that I just have to do only two of, during school hols, the trillion jobs I do: mother and writer.

    (She says swatting at the story ideas which are diving at her like demented mosquitos)
    Tania Roxborogh

  6. Welcome to the blog Tania.

    Those story ideas a darn pesky things aren't they? And so persistent!

    It's hardly fair really, what defense do we poor writer-types have against the pesky things? Honestly, anyone know of a good muse repellent? I'm trying to have a break here...