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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Five Minutes of Fame ... sort of

Today I'm world famous in Dunedin ... if anyone happens to notice my photo in the local rag.

"The Star" came out today with a small article about the Children's Story writing competition our writer's group held recently, in which I won the trophy for my YA fantasy story. My friend Chris was awarded both the second and third places.

It's weird thing seeing oneself and one's name in a newspaper for the first time. It feels sort of surreal as if it isn't me, but rather the picture of someone else who happens to looks remarkably like me...

Still five minutes of fame in a small time local newspaper in nothing to be sneezed at, eh? :D


  1. Hi Pen,

    Congratulations! Since I live all the way up here, I won't be able to enjoy the famous article. What a great start to your literary career!