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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Writing Withdrawal

I've had a few weeks of rest from writing as a reward for finishing Tremorgan's Gift. I was also hoping that during this interlude my Muse might reveal a little more of book two, giving me a few more clues to how the story should evolve before I begin writing.

I've been awarded a few insights, but not as much of the story I was hoping for. I know the general arch of the story and a few stepping stones along the way, perhaps it is enough...

I've been arguing (silently) with myself about whether or not I should start tapping away at the keys regardless. Maybe I should start with what I've got and trust the rest will come in time. But then, am I going to end up writing a lot of stuff that is simply going to have to be scrapped in the end?

Over the last few days my restlessness has been growing. I can't settle to anything. I start reading, making breakfast, doing dishes or washing and get distracted.

It occurred me today, I have Writing Withdrawal.

I need to write!

It's a compulsion. I have to write. I have to create.

My world isn't spinning along it's correct orbit if I'm not writing.

So, regardless of whether I think I'm ready or not I'm going to start plotting and writing book two this week.


  1. Hehe I get the same thing! I can barely go a day without writing something :-)

  2. Sounds like a great opportunity to sharpen your toolset and learn more of the craft ;) When I'm between projects I find and do writing prompts, exercises on characterization/dialog/scene/setting/etc, contests or world building.

    Then, before I know it, I have lots of new ideas for my next novel, usually from the unrelated mental exercises.